ID∙FMPortal is a web-based customer portal. Using it together with ID∙CloudRE gives your tenants and owners advantage of quick access to the documents, news, messages and other functions like notification forms for administrators, open invoices, various evaluations, account balances for owners etc. You can decide which kind of information should be shown to the customer by changing corresponding permission settings in ID∙CloudRE system.

ID∙FMPortal can also be used as an add-on for all common real estate management systems. Data transfer interface is clearly defined and supported well. If no management system used, EXCEL tables can also be imported.

ID∙FMPortal is a part of ID∙CloudRE and ID∙CloudERP digital systems


Using ID∙FMPortal you make your tenants and owners more satisfied

ID∙FMPortal provides following functionality

  • User Dashboard with information and functions such as
  • Download the latest documents such as rent calculation, rent change, heating and service charge settlement etc.
  • Overview and download for documents from document archive
  • ID∙FMServiceDesk for reporting malfunctions and tenant requests regarding his rental agreement
  • Information about unpaid bills, account balance of owner accounts, financial statements for property owners
  • Communication between tenants and owners
  • News
  • Email addresses and phone numbers of roommates
  • Contact information about important locations nearby such as hospitals, family doctors, home care, municipal administration etc.