ID·Cloud system is available on all Windows-running hardware platforms: PC, Terminal Servers, Laptops, Tablets etc. Main functions can be operated also on mobile platforms: iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

ID∙CloudRE contains all the necessary functions and processes for professional real estate management. ID∙CloudRE is a state of art and will continue to be adapted to the new requirements of real estate industry in the future. Main GUI can be customized individually for each user group registered in the system. Application is organized very intuitive and well structured. Any feature can be reached with a single click. Integrated Cockpit is always at your disposal to show all the important tasks in real-time. Integration with Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and other programs makes ID·CloudRE a comprehensive system for easy and efficient real estate management.

Recent developments

  • Web-function for the acceptance and handover protocols for apartments and business real property
  • Web-function for the periodic property inspection
  • ID∙FMPortal - a platform for digitization of tenant and owner related documents with possibility to archive them
  • ID∙FMServiceDesk - a platform for digitization of malfunctions in technical facilities and in the property, rental contract issues and cooperation between them

ID∙CloudRE Highlights

  • Building and surface management as the basis for professional real estate management
  • Surface-based contract management guarantees a rental agreement according to usage types SIA 416 specification, including cost allocations
  • Fully automated accounting for rental agreement and automatic interaction with financial accounting
  • Complete financial and cost accounting systems including debitor and creditor accounting
  • Integrated Order and Project management
  • Automated asset management and asset accounting with depreciation, incoming and outgoing transactions
  • Complete appointment/event management with integrated support of rental agreement, contract adjustment and termination
  • Extensive reports, payments and graphics, with direct export to MS Excel and MS Word
  • Integrated document management and document archive
  • Interfaces to CAD FM-systems such as ICFM, Conject, etc.
  • Interfaces to SAB FI / CO and SAP Debi / Kredi


You will be surprised about the range of functions, background business processes and the "Look and Feel" of ID∙CloudRE

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Functions and Processes

  • Room specifications
    • Basic information about real estate, property, building, floor, object (room), land register and technical facilities
    • Room book is client - owner independent; if a property changes its owner / client, then all data is assigned to the new client on a daily basis, no duplicate data
    • Room usage types are freely customizable according to SIA 416 specification
    • Object / room information can be changed on a daily basis, so a new version will be created and a full history kept; thus, heating, service charge and other functions will operate with actual data
  • Partner and addresses
    • A partner including all his addresses is recorded only once; regardless of the client, several roles could be assigned to one partner: tenant, caretaker, supplier etc.
    • One partner can contain different address types, an address could be changed on a daily basis
    • Property directory for creditors and caretakers
    • Construction cost position list as a service catalog for service providers
  • Contract management
    • Perfect for apartments, offices and business property, building law and leases, sales, rent and internal use
    • Maintenance contracts with consultation appointments and guarantee expiry date
    • Diverse design of contract templates
    • Document and document archive are generated automatically for processes such as Rental and Termination
    • Sales rent interest collection based on minimum rent and sales account, sales reports by divisions
    • Automated vacancy management without tedious vacancy tenant processing
    • Automated rent change procedure
    • Web-based prospect for online rent order
  • Share certificate and deposit account management with document management integration
    • Account management includes opening, periodic closing with interest, power of attorney, rental agreement integration
    • Automatic credit interest to the deposit account or disbursement via the disbursement procedure
    • Open items accounting for unpaid unit certificates
    • Account closure with all the auto-closing bookings and documents
  • Billing system with document management and a cost allocation process
    • Heating and operating costs, cost accounting according to tariffs for various media such as waste disposal according to different types of waste
    • Floor owner billing from a single source: budget, renewal fund including interest
    • Turnover rental accounting based on sales reports, individual collection periods, periodic control statements
    • Owner settlement with profit distribution according to real estate shares including account payment plan
  • Finance and cost accounting
    • Individual account plan per client with sub-accounts for the report according to FER
    • Automated booking technology for group companies (affiliated companies) including automatic balance adjustment
    • Integrated cost element plan for operational cost centers and real estate calculation
    • Company accounting sheet with all apportionment procedures within the cost centers and transfers to real estate cost objects
    • Comprehensive and multi-layered reporting system including graphical representation
  • Order management / order processing with real estate management and finance full integration
    • Order management system can generate an automatic account assignment when posting a new order document
    • Ordering to paying process is optimally supported by the system on all the steps
    • Order form is designed according to the type of order and integrated into the document management and document archive
    • Order function is integrated in ID∙FMServiceDesk
  • Project management and project monitoring for new buildings, conversions and renovations, promotions, etc.
    • Structure of a project can contain the following stages: main project, individual project and service, e.g. Construction Cost Position
    • Each level can be budgeted, booked and scheduled
    • Comprehensive reporting for the finance department and an appointments overview across all levels are available on the screen or on a tablet
  • Asset management and accounting for immovable assets such as ground and buildings and movable assets such as technical equipment
    • Investments are assigned to investment classes, which means that lifespan, accounting and other things can be automated
    • Functions such as new investments, planned and actual capital consumption, interest and calculation of the replacement value are part of the system
    • Additional investments for an asset are assigned to a new index and thus the depreciation period is redefined
    • Asset accounting is fully integrated into finance management
    • Assets like real estates, buildings, rooms and technical facilities are part of ID∙FMServiceDesk