ID∙FMServiceDesk is a web-based ticket system with which everyone involved in a property can communicate with each other for various issues. Complaints in written form are unnecessary, response times are prompt and communication is recorded by the system and presented in a comprehensible manner at all times. Each user can access information in their personal dashboards right after the authorization process was completed.

The ID∙FMServiceDesk can also be used as an add-on of our all-in-one Real Estate Management system. User interface is clearly defined and very intuitive. If there is no management system defined yet, EXCEL tables can also be imported to quickly go on production with ID∙FMServiceDesk.

Our ID∙FMServiceDesk is a part of ID∙CloudRE digital system.


With ID∙FMServiceDesk you save time and money

ID∙FMServiceDesk ontains the following processes and functions:

  • Malfunction reports on technical systems in the building or object: apartment, office, workshop, etc.
  • Fault reports can be automatically forwarded to external service providers or caretaker
  • Requests from Tenant regarding his rental agreement
  • Requests about renting meeting rooms
  • Questions for organizing an event
  • Requests from prospective tenants
  • Questions from owners and tenants for management or property maintenance
  • Communication between the residents of the property e.g. Welcome party, etc.
  • Order management for troubleshooting problems caused by external service providers or caretakers
  • Placing an order for the implementation of an event with all the necessary additional services
  • Dashboard as a reporting system with statistics and graphical representations including document management